Easy Steps to Disable and Remove Bloatware on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

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Bloatware is a collection of apps installed on your Android smartphone or tablet which may cause the system slow down and suffer from diminished memory. In order to bring back the original smoothness of your device, here are simple methods to get rid of bloatware apps.

Preparing Your Device

Before removing or disabling bloatware, you should be aware first that these are apps and services installed by the manufacturer such as HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony. Certain Android devices with vanilla UI such as Nexus or Google Play Edition are also subjected by several bloatware apps provided by Google. Make sure you are certain on which apps you intend to be disabled or removed.

Disabling Bloatware

You can disable or even remove unnecessary apps from your device without requiring root access to keep the ongoing warranty.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > RAM.
  2. Check first which apps are consuming huge amount of memory. It is measured as MB or megabyte.
  3. Select the ALL tab on the applications manager.
  4. Beware that if you remove certain applications provided by the manufacturer, there is a good chance that you might not be able to reinstall them back unless you do a factory reset.
  5. Select an application then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache to remove leftovers.
  6. Now tap on Uninstall, Uninstall Updates and Disable. The label may depend on what kind of app or which developer installed it on your device.

Removing Bloatware

If your Android smartphone or tablet has gained root access, you can use NoBloat application from the Play Store to remove unwanted system apps pre-installed on your device. In addition, NoBloat also offers other functions aside from removing pre-installed apps.

-????????? Enable and disable system apps

-????????? Creates backup of system apps with restoration option

-????????? Removal of system applications

-????????? Blacklisting of system apps to be set as ?deleted? for paid version

-????????? Batch operation support for paid version

-????????? Export of settings and blacklist to the microSD card with import support for paid version

Be reminded that rooting your Android device will cost its warranty and accidental deletion of system apps required by your device can cause glitches and major bugs. It is recommended to create a backup of the current ROM in case something goes wrong.

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