Easy Steps to Root Moto G Smartphone Running Any Firmware Version

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Source: Motorola

Source: Motorola

Rooting access allows full administrator rights on our Android smartphone, but firmware versions may vary with each rooting tool kit. Thankfully, Moto G smartphone has one rooting tool which can be used on firmware version running it.

Why Root Your Moto G?

If you want to control the processor clock speed, install custom ROMs, modify themes or use apps requiring root permission, then you need to root access the device.


  1. Unlock the boot loader of your Moto G first before rooting it. Visit the official Motorola Web site for proper instructions.
  2. Download the latest version of Superboot for the device from MoDaCo?s forum to your computer.
  3. Create a new folder on the desktop of your computer, then rename it to ?moto?.
  4. Make sure that the battery life is at least 50 per cent to avoid power interruption during root access.
  5. Create a manual backup of all data and media files stored on your smartphone.
  6. Enable USB debugging mode on your Moto G. Depending on the OS version, go to ?Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging? or ?Settings > About phone > Tap Build Version 7 times > Go back > Developer options > USB debugging.?

Warning: We are not responsible for any damages or errors which may occur on your Moto G smartphone. Read, understand and follow the procedures carefully to prevent damaging the device. Do this at your own risk!

Rooting Procedure

  1. Extract all contents you have downloaded from MoDaCo to the new folder renamed ?moto? on your desktop.
  2. Open that folder, then press ?shift? key and right-click to view ?command window here.? Launch a command window. (Windows only)
  3. Switch off your Moto G smartphone.
  4. Enter into boot loader mode by pressing ?volume down + power? keys at the same time.
  5. Connect the handset to the computer using a USB cable.
  6. Enter the following command on the command window: superboot-windows.bat
    1. For Mac computers: ./
    2. After the rooting procedure has been completed, Root Access and SuperSU will prompt you of successful installation.
    3. Download the Root Check app from the Play Store to determine that it worked perfectly.

Well done! Your Moto G is now rooted and can accept custom recovery apps and custom ROMs. In case you get stuck with booting loop after the procedure, remove the battery, reinsert it then follow the instructions once again.

For any issues or problems, send your feedback to MoDaCo official rooting thread for Moto G.

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