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Easter Egg Hunt: Google?s Easter Egg

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Codes for Google?s amazing hidden features.

Everybody loves Google and every living human in the world knows or have heard about what Google is. To some it is a multibillion dollar company while to other people it is a website used for searching stuff on the internet. Thanks to Google, our lives have become more convenient with their inventions or creations. But did you know that Google has a few magic tricks up their sleeves? YES! Google?s Easter Egg is what they call it. Phrases from pop culture, cult classic movies, songs etc. can unlock a secret feature.

If you think about it, cracking or searching for Easter eggs on the internet can be quite fun and time consuming. Few sites that are affiliated with Google also made cool Easter eggs for its viewers and visitors too. Here are some phrases that you can use to entertain yourself with this cool feature.

  • Atari Breakout ? Type this on your Google search bar then go to image. There you will get to have the chance of playing one of Atari?s famous games – the Atari Breakout. It is actually a simple game to play, just move your mouse left and right and don?t let the ball hit the ground.
  • Zerg rush ? Starcraft players out there know what this means. If you type this on the search bar a bunch of O?s will crawl up your screen and will try to eat your search result. You must defend those results by clicking the O?s and wipe them all out but if they manage to destroy your search results, the O?s will then form two big G?s on your screen which means Good Game, a term used by gamers saying that the game is now over or just saying that it was a good game.
  • Do a barrel roll ? Type this on your Google search and the screen will do a 360 flip.
  • Google in 1998 ? When you search for this on the Google page it will transform it back to the way it was in 1998. People from that time knows what?s up, High Five!


The Google web page is not the only page where there are Easter eggs to search for. YouTube also has a few of them and here they are:


  • Do the harlem shake ? Just like the viral Harlem Shake that circulated on the web back in 2013, the search result page will also do the same dance along with the music that you can pause anytime you want.
  • Doge meme ? Nothing fancy here, it only changes your fonts and font color to something cute.
  • Beam me up Scotty ? Just like in the popular Sci-Fi series Star Trek, your search results are beamed on your page.


There you have it. Some of Google?s Easter Eggs?that are cool and entertaining to look at.


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