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Earn continued income through this app even during financially troubling times

You could save on taxes and health insurance premiums, too.

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  • Steady has matched over 5 million jobs with its users since its inception.
  • Users earn $5,500 on average every year in additional income 
  • They offer income boosters in the form of online surveys, app reviews, or downloads.
  • Steady also offers emergency cash grants to those who need it the most.

Freelancing allows people to pursue side projects they are passionate about. As flexible as it is, though, it also comes with income fluctuations and job uncertainty. Whether you work side gigs for additional income or completely rely on contractual opportunities to keep your household afloat, a lightweight app called Steady aims to help its members explore several sources of income via various freelancing and full-time jobs on the platform. 

About Steady

  • Steady has partnered with the Workers Lab to offer emergency cash grants to those who need it the most.
  • So far, Steady has given away over $4M in cash grants to members suffering from severe cash crunch.
  • Steady works with trusted partners to offer cash bonuses for online surveys, app reviews, and other services that could help you save on taxes and high insurance premiums. 
  • Steady has paid over $7 million directly to its members through the Cash Booster program since its inception. 

Steady can even help you with your taxes!

Freelancing jobs come with the added responsibility of correctly filing taxes. This requires maintaining receipts and work-related expenses throughout the year to avoid paying more than you owe the IRS.

Steady’s income tracker offers detailed financial insights and displays income trends, working hours, and earnings in one place so you can file your taxes with ease and understand your progress in the field.

What kinds of jobs can you find on Steady?

Steady aims to match you with jobs that suit your skillset, work experience, and passion. To date, they have helped millions of people match with over 5.4 million job opportunities listed on the app.

Freelancing opportunities are available for those interested in coding, creative roles like graphic designing, the media industry that could work well for writers, voice acting, tutoring, among many others.

If you are looking for full-time opportunities, you may encounter jobs related to customer service and personal assistance roles, retail, and the hospitality industry. Based on estimates, Steady claims that users earn $5,500 annually in additional income through the app.

How to set up an account on the Steady app

  1. Download the app on the iOS or Google Play store.
  2. Create a work profile with your name, zip code, expected salary, interests, date of birth, and skillset.

That’s it! From there, Steady will narrow down job opportunities that might suit you best. Each job listing will then display useful information like the job description, expected salary, and required experience or certifications. Some jobs pay as high as $20 an hour.

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