MacBook Pro 2017 Release, Rumors: Apple Releasing Early-2017 Version?

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Fans were gutted when they found out that Apple decided to release the MacBook Pro with a Skylake processor. The company’s decision did not impress many of its adoring fans.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Apple could have done to prevent the MacBook Pro from having the Skylake processor. At the time of release, the Kaby Lake processor fit for the high-end laptop?is still in production.

Nevertheless, Apple?s design team would, by then, have acquired samples of the said processor. That being said, there is a strong chance that Apple might have taken the new processor design in consideration for the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2016 (via

MacBook Pro 2016 (via

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If this happens to be the case, a simple swap of processor – from Skylake to Kaby Lake – would be entirely possible. Unfortunately, with the MacBook Pro, only Apple can do that as the processor is soldered directly onto the logic board.

New reports suggest Intel is almost ready to unveil high performance versions of the Kaby Lake chip. According to the said reports, the unveiling will happen sometime during January?s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The availability of Kaby Lake coupled with the possibility of a processor swap led many to believe that Apple is gearing for another laptop release. The release could happen sometime in early 2017, which suggests an Early-2017 MacBook Pro.

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The re-release, although not unheard of, could potentially invoke more disappointment to early MacBook Pro buyers. To alleviate this issue, Apple might then offer the Kaby Lake on top-tier MacBook Pros. Furthermore, since the company already started introducing additional colors for the laptop, it might as well introduce more. A new color paired with a high performance processor is probably the most appealing option for the company.

Of course, these are all speculative. No one knows for sure what Apple plans to do with the laptop. Even if it decides to release a new model for the laptop next year, fans will surely welcome the new addition with open arms.

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