Earin M2 vs Apple Airpods: Will Earin Be A Worthy Alternative to Apple?

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Earin M2 vs Apple AirPods
Earin M2 Earbuds

Audio startup Earin announced a new wireless earbuds, the Earin M2 that will come with built-in touch controls. The M2 earbuds are completely wireless, lacking a connector cable between the two earbuds similar to Apple?s just released AirPods. Apple iPhone 7 users now have a another option in the Earin?s wireless ear buds. Below we compare the Earin M2 vs Apple Airpods to see which is the better option.


The Earin M2 earbuds have added built-in touch controls similar to Apple AirPods according to the The Verge. The touch controls will lets users perform basic functions like like play / pause with simple tap on the earbuds. The earbuds also add dual microphones per earpiece along with a new algorithm which allow users to answer calls.

Earin also said that the M2 earbuds are the smallest and lightest earbuds on the market. In addition, the company said its unique design isolates the sound of outside world without the need for active cancellation.

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Apple AirPods, on other hand, offer far advanced functions than the M2. Besides the touch controls, the earbuds have sensors that know when you are listening and automatically play and pause your music. The AirPods also allow access to Apple virtual assistant Siri with just a double tap.

AirPods also intelligently and seamlessly switch from answering a call on your iPhone to listening to music on your Apple Watch. In addition, there is an additional accelerometer in each buds that detects when you?re speaking. This enables the beam-forming microphones to focus on the sound of your voice, filtering out external noise to make your voice sound clearer than ever.

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Earin previous M1 earbuds were plagued with connectivity issues both to smartphones and between buds, reports 9to5Mac. The company, however, has switched to using Near Field Magnetic Induction to connect the two earbuds together. Though this may fix issues with earbuds, the M2 use the plain old bluetooth for connectivity to devices.

The Apple AirPods are better as they can connect to your iPhone or iPad with simple Tap. However, the AirPods are not compatible with all the devices. The users of devices other than Apple won?t have ease of connectivity or can?t access all the functions should they even connect.

Battery Life

The M2 earbuds run about 3 hours per charge. The accompanying carrying case adding another 12 hours of life. This is similar to the previous M1 earbuds. Apple AirPods promise a 5 hours battery life per charge. The charging capsule adds in extra 24 hours battery life on-the-go. Definitely, Apple?s AirPods battery life trumps that of the Earin in wireless ear plugs.


The Earin M2 are coming in ?late Q1? and will cost $249. That?s certainly pricey, even compared to the AirPods. Apple?s AirPods cost $159 a pair and certainly are way better than Earin in terms of functions.

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