EA Unveils new Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes Collectible Card Mobile Game

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The massive success of Blizzard?s card game Hearthstone is being felt in the gaming industry on a big scale now. EA, publisher of developer Pop-Cap games, has announced the launch of Plants vs. Zombies themed card game called ?Heroes? for mobile.

Brian Lindley, producer of the original Plants vs. Zombies tower defense game, announced the launch of the new collectible card game through a blog post on the official website of ?Heroes?. The franchise began as a tower defense game but then EA came in and bought Pop-Cap games in 2011 for $750 million. Since then, a direct sequel of the original, and two first person shooters, have been added to the growing franchise.

The collectible card game will focus on new superhero characters that are going to be introduced in the Plants Vs. Zombies Universe. Players will be required to build a team and take on other decks in short matches lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes.

Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, whilst focusing upon the diverse characters already found in the franchise, will also be adding interesting new ones like the Green Shadow ? ?an elusive but powerful peashooter, known for taking out zombies with her Precision Blast.?

The post also details some other new features coming to the franchise with the new game:

?On top of great characters, PvZ Heroes delivers some other awesome new ?firsts?, like the ability to play as either plants or zombies on mobile. Real-time multiplayer is also brand new in PvZ Heroes and lets you battle against other players and challenge your friends; test your powers and strategy against the rest of the world in multiplayer battles. Experiment with different Heroes and team combinations in single player missions, and then create mind-blowing strategies for your Hero by selecting compatible teammates, all while honing your skills and fine-tuning your strategy.?

However, Brian Lindley, in an interview with GamesBeat, declined to be in direct competition of Blizzard?s Hearthstone. He reveals that instead, Pop-Cap choose to work on making card collection games more accessible to the masses.

Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes is out now in select App Stores around the world. The game will be available for download globally soon.

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