EA to End Support for The Sims 2

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Electronic Arts has confirmed that they will no longer be supporting The Sims 2 with any new content updates moving forward. This shouldn?t be confused with technical support though as EA will still cater to any technical related issues but will just stop creating new content for the aging game.

With this change, owners of the digital version of the game will be automatically upgraded to an Ultimate Collection edition for free.

A statement by EA reads: ?Going forward, EA will no longer be providing any new content or making any additional technical updates to?The Sims 2.? They also reiterated that they will still continue to entertain any game related problems by saying: ?If you have a problem with your game, you are of course still welcome to contact us here at EA Help.?

Players are advised to wait for around 5 days to get their Ultimate Collection in their library.

“Everyone who had a digital copy of?The Sims 2?will find the Ultimate Collection in their library within the next 5 days. Just log in to Origin and visit your My Games library.”

The Sims 2 was first released in 2004 with expansions coming in a little later down the road. The Ultimate Collection upgrade that will be provided for free will include the main game as well as all of the expansions that have been released. The game is, amazingly, already 10 years old and a total of eight expansions have been launched since then. The expansions are named as follows: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Free Time, and Apartment Life. Aside from the expansions, other upgrades will also be included like all of the ?Stuff? packs that have been released for the game. Those include additional items, clothing, and furniture.

EA?s decision to stop creating new content for this game is most likely a sign that they will be focusing their development efforts towards their new game instead. The Sims is already in its fourth iteration and The Sims 4 should be released soon.

Photo Source: Sims 2 wiki

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