‘EA Sports UFC ‘: A Game That You Will Want To Play For All The Wrong Reasons

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EA Sports UFC Bug
EA Sports UFC Bug

EA?s new MMA simulation game EA Sports UFC has so many selling points that people would undoubted buy it without batting an eye, but sometimes, gamers are all about having fun with games, and with EA Sports UFC, you?re in for a treat. It depends on how you define ?fun?, that is.

Bruce Lee is in the game, checked. Character model likeness with their real-life counterparts, checked. Dynamic striking, checked. More challenging, you?ll get it.

However, there are some features that will turn heads. In EA?s website, it says that the game will have ?unpredictable fights? and ?full-body deformation?. Well, you will get it, but in a different and whole new level of unpredictability and deformation.

EA Sports UFC made its way into the market last June 17. It didn?t make any bombastic reviews from gamers and even got a near-mediocre score of 71 on Metacritic.

EA made sure that the game will look outstanding and ?Next-Gen? on every possible angle. It did. It had amazing and realistic graphics. It had jaw-dropping details, but hundreds of gamers were flipped by frustrating mechanics in the game, over-the-top obvious issues like weird glitches and bugs.

MMA Junkie folks even managed to compile some of these hilarious bugs.

In the video above, the guy who uploaded it made a disclaimer that these bugs rarely occurs. We can tell that this isn?t entirely true, as you can find lots of EA Sports UFC glitch fighting videos on the internet. It would be awesome if this was an actual feature to be integrated into the game. Bugs and Glitches were a thing with Goat Simulator, so why can?t it be with the EA Sport UFC? Judging from the level of weirdness and hilarity of these bugs, it can be a popular feature in a game that is supposed to be serious.

Jokes aside, these bugs should have been taken care of before the publishers even released the game. Most of the bugs are harmless, but one of the biggest offenders is the invisible and unexplainable knockout. What if you are trying to unlock certain achievements that has to do with not losing a match on a certain span of time or number of matches?

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