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EA Sports UFC 3: What It Could Learn From The Past Games

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EA Sports UFC 3
Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones [Image Courtesy Of EA]

No one is yet to perfect an MMA game, but with each entry, EA Sports is getting closer and closer into giving us the perfect MMA game. We?re pretty sure that development on EA Sports UFC 3 is well on its way, but the release date is still definitely far off. While it?s still in the development process, there are a few things that EA Sports should consider in the next game based on what they?ve done so far.

Bugs Galore

The two entries in the EA Sports UFC franchise always launch with a lot of bugs. The bugs range from the downright funny to one that?s very disruptive. The bugs are likely caused by EA Sports? efforts into the game?s visuals and physics. Before launching EA Sports UFC 3, the developer should polish everything in the game so that it releases without a problem.

Evolving Grappling Game

One of the new features that EA Sports introduced in UFC 2 was the dynamic grappling system. The developer improved on the grappling system of the first game to make it more lively and fast-paced. The result in UFC 2 was definitely better than the first game, but it still fell short as to what fans were expecting. The third time could be the charm for EA Sports and their dilemma with grappling.

New Game Modes

There?s not much that UFC 2 offers when it comes to content. It?s pretty much like the first game but with a few new mechanics. It?s a dull and repetitive experience that didn?t sit well with fans. If EA Sports UFC 3 does release, fans are hoping that it?ll come with a few new game modes that will really liven up the experience. For starters, EA should focus on creating a more in-depth career mode that could be likened to the one found in NBA 2K17 or better yet, The Journey in FIFA 17.

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