EA Sports FIFA World is Now in Open Beta

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EA Sports is introducing a new free to play soccer game for the Windows PC and it?s called EA Sports FIFA World. The game is currently entering a Global Open Beta with registered players already in the upwards of 1.5 million!

The award winning team at EA Canada is the one who is responsible for creating the game and they designed it with the mindset of having a soccer game that is both easy to play as well as being suitable for everyone. The game features EA SPORTS FIFA HD console gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as a variety of features. The game should be similar to games of the FIFA franchise. The game passed through a total of 4 closed beta sessions and a limited beta. Now, though, it?s time to open the gates for a worldwide beta for fans to enjoy.

The scope of the whole game is huge as it is like the real thing. It has over 16000 real players from a total of 600 clubs as well as 31 fully licensed leagues. With Brazil having all the soccer world?s attention this summer, you can try to lead your country to victory as you can have over 45 nations to choose from.

The game has different control options to choose from like the traditional keyboard and gamepad controls that veteran players of the game are familiar with as well as new game controls that are simple to use like mouse based controls for the first time or starting out FIFA players.

FIFA World has a lot of features such as the ability to build your own unique team that uses your own style of playing in soccer. This said team can play and compete both for online and offline modes. There?s also a 24/7 transfer market for you to be able to get a steal of a trade or make the opposition lose out on a valuable player. It?s the road to building the ultimate team!

Other features include having a League Mode, competing for accomplishments, match invites to challenge your friends, the weekly featured tournament, as well as a social hub for gathering and discussing events.

Those interested in the trailer can see it below.


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Players who want to sign up for the beta can do so at their website

Photo Source: EA FIFA WORLD website

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