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EA Shows UFC Features With Bruce Lee in a Playable Demo

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EA Shows UFC Features With Bruce Lee in a Playable Demo

Redwood City, California ? EA gives a sneak peek to the public about the newest feature of the UFC game and it features Bruce Lee.

The popularity of Bruce Lee among martial arts and fighting fans is just too much and EA Games knows about this. So far, they have only released a version that can be played in a demonstration. The actual gameplay is yet to come. However, the video game company is very sure that they will get more gamers from this.

How Does Bruce Lee Invade the Video Game

The game from EA became more interesting. There were loads of games that feature this man. He has been in 8-bit machines up to the latest gaming materials. Before, they use Bruce Lee without his signature moves. They will just put a character right in there that looks a lot like him.

This happened in a game where he has to protect the castle of immortality. EA Games found out that he was using Japanese techniques rather than his very own deadly martial arts.

This company wants to make a difference. EA wants to give the best out of the superstar. They will be using his own moves for his own plays. Also, they will be applying the company?s best synergies to make it work. Those who are excited about the entire gameplay can always rely on the demo until it is released.

No More Restrictions for Bruce Lee This Time Around

The moves of the previous Bruce Lee characters were a little limited during the previous games from other companies. They only range from 1 to 2 skill sets. This time, it will be more unpredictable. They will not resort to flying kicks and chopping hands anymore.

EA Games sees how video games can adapt to the pop culture. In Tekken, in fantasy games and in other computer games, you can see how they tweaked the characters to fit into their gameplay. Since it is UFC for this company, they will have the chance to showcase the best from one of the most celebrated martial artists of all time.

There has been a legacy regarding Bruce Lee already. There is no way EA can perfectly execute the moves that he has done in his career. The best that they could do is to try. Have you seen the demo already? Based on your experience, do you think EA should continue the game?

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