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EA Gamescom 2016 Livestream: Battlefield 1 Squads, Titanfall 2 Factions, FIFA 17 Reveals, And More!

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EA Gamescom 2016

The EA Gamescom 2016 livestream will bring many new information about some of the company?s upcoming games. One of the biggest gaming events of the year just kicked off, and Electronic Arts is set to bring Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and FIFA 17 to the floor.

On its official website, EA shared details about what the company is planning to bring at Gamescom. The EA Gamescom 2016 livestream will be focused on some of the upcoming games from the company, and they are set to reveal new gameplay details.

Regarding FIFA 17, the company will share gameplay details and insights from the developers. The company will also showcase the Ultimate Team during the livestream which is going to start on August 16 at 19:15 CET/10:15 am PST. The company is also planning to share details about the new features, FUT Legends, FUT content and the game?s development.

Another title coming this year is Respawn?s FPS, Titanfall 2. The company will hold a livestream for Titanfall 2 Factions during the event, which you can watch here. It will showcase the gameplay elements and battles among the community members. EA will also present Battlefield 1 Squads events to give fans a clearer idea of how the multiplayer mode feels like when it finally hits the shelves, and you can watch the stream here.

The EA Gamescom 2016 livestream will also give players a first look at the new game mode coming with NHL 17. EA confirmed that it will also host an interview of Madden 17 producer Seann Graddy. A new Star Wars game will also be detailed at Gamescom this year.

EA is bringing Battlefield 1 on October 21, while the Titanfall 2 release is scheduled for October 28. Meanwhile, Madden 17 is coming on August 23, just after the Gamescom event.

There are many more developers coming to this show which is scheduled to run from August 16 to August 21. Those interested in watching the livestream of EA?s conference can watch it here.

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