EA Games Removed It’s Original Version of Peggle From The App Store, Releases A ‘Test’ Free-To-Play Version

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Electronic Arts, the American game developer and publisher responsible for the popular game Peggle, has recently removed the game from Apple?s App Store. It has now been replaced by a new ?freemium? version with a different gameplay.

Pocket Gamer, a dedicated gaming website, said in a report that although the updated version is generally similar to the original release in terms of gameplay, it does modify some of its elements such as the inclusion of a Candy Crush-style map and bonus power-ups.

Peggle is a well-loved mobile game that borrows its gaming principle from the classic Japanese arcade game called ?pachinko.? In the original release, players need to drop ball-bearings and hit pegs with different colors in order to amass a higher score. The new Peggle turns it from a landscape-orientated version to a portrait-based game.? ?Bjorn? along with other characters that users loved from the old Peggle Institute have been graphically redesigned. Using a formula reminiscent of the one Candy Crush has been using, the new Peggle uses limited ?Lives? to slow players down whenever they want to quit or restart a level. ?As a result, players will have to wait a significant amount of time or shell out $1.28 for a bundle of lives (as there is no apparent Social option found where players can receive or give lives to their friends).

Electronic Arts? Public Relations Manager Lauren Svensson explained in an interview that this new free-to-play version of Peggle is just a test, something that their company does every now and then to measure the interest of players when new ideas are introduced.

The new Peggle is currently available for download in Singapore and New Zealand. Makers of mobile games usually test updated versions or new game creations in smaller markets like New Zealand to gauge the reaction of audiences prior to a full-scale roll out to big territories like the United States.

Svensson further said that the main objective of this test is to evaluate the game?s change in orientation, which is from landscape to portrait, along with a different approach in gameplay. She clarified that this is not a soft launch yet and that they are merely testing new features. The PR manager noted that those who own the paid version of the original Peggle can always access the game in their App Store purchase history.


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