EA Accepting Player Signups for its Sims 4 ?Create-a-Sim? Character Creator

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For those who are very excited to finally get their hands on the upcoming The Sims 4, the game developer Electronic Arts is now giving them the chance. EA is now in the process of accepting participants who have signed up to try out its recently developed Create-a-Sim feature. So for those of you who haven?t yet, now is probably your last chance to sign up.

As the term already suggests, the Create-a-Sim component of the upcoming The Sims 4 game is a character creator. The demo, which will?be used by those who signed up, will enable players to create characters that they can incorporate into the game itself, once it has been released and launched. Its release date is, by the way, set to take place on the 4th of September.

The game developer is proud to announce that this new feature will allow players to create characters to any likeness, much thanks to all the tools that it comes equipped with. The revisions on the Sims as well as the manipulation of their features can be done with a few dragging motions of the mouse. Before in this game, players had to select a certain body part that they want to manipulate and then drag a slider to perform the changes.

Easy customization is what Electronic Arts promises its Create-a-Sim character creator will deliver. Each character can also be customized with unique traits that will transform them into Sims with special abilities. Say for instance, you can come up with a character that is extremely smart, creative, and a fast-learner.

If you?re up to this and you can?t wait for September 4 for The Sims 4 to arrive to Windows and Mac, then go ahead and sign up. You need to have an Origin account though in order to participate in the demo of the Create-a-Sim feature.

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