E3 PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Which Has More Exciting News?

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E3 PS4 vs Xbox One
E3 PS4 vs Xbox One

With THE conclusion of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016?s first big press conferences by Microsoft and Sony, fans are already talking about E3 PS4 vs Xbox One as both companies did pretty excellent job revealing their upcoming products and getting us super excited for future in gaming.

While Microsoft?s Xbox One conference was centered upon new hardware this year, Sony revealed several new gaming titles.

Microsoft revealed exciting news by revealing not one but infact two consoles at its E3 2016 press conference. Microsoft?s slimmed down version of its gaming console, dubbed ?Xbox One S? was officially unveiled though not much surprise there as it leaked a day earlier.

The $299 Xbox One S comes with 4K capabilities and 2TB hard drive besides being slimmed down 40 percent and company finally doing away with its bulky external power brick.

The company also revealed its future plans about another console codenamed ?Project Scorpio,? which much like Sony?s rumored PlayStation 4.5 NEO, will be specifically designed for VR gaming. Scorpio promises a high end GPU that delivers six teraflops of processing power, an 8-core CPU and 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth to run at 60fps, 4K gaming and VR support.

That?s pretty exciting news from Microsoft who seemingly edged Sony out in regards hardware changes planned. Sony?s PS4.5 won?t likely match the capabilities of Xbox Scorpio as it is rather just an entry-level VR console in comparison to high end Microsoft console.

PlayStation on the other hand edged out Xbox One in regards to the gaming titles revealed.?While Microsoft did show a lot of titles at E3 2016, Sony showed even more games that generated far more excitement from gaming fans at their press conference.

As iDigitalTimes puts it, Microsoft tapped into its existing successful franchises of games to reveal several sequels. With Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2 alongside Gears of War 4, Microsoft essentially failed to deliver new games other than Sea of Thieves which though didn?t get a release window.

Sony, however, blew their competition in regards to games which essentially is what E3 is all about. Sony revealed several incredible titles like the Horizon Zero Dawn, Kojima Studios Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human. Others like Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game and new Batman VR title were pretty impressive.

In conclusion, Sony with its impressive roster of games at E3 wins the competition against Microsoft for its originality in games. Microsoft though made pretty big news with regards to two new Xbox consoles, it annoucement of both consoles together seems quite desperate and as well fans are left confused as to which to buy.

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