E3 Microsoft Press Conference Updates (Lee’s perspective)

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Looks like their wrapping up. Don is on stage. Holy crap. Prez of Square/Enix, Yoichi Wada. No translator. Infinite Undiscovery (Sep 2008). Star Ocean (Spring 2009). Last Remnant (Holiday 2008). Last Remnant trailer. Is this FF for Xbox? Coming to PC as well. Wada making another surprise announcement. Holy crap. FF for Xbox! OMG! Here begins the Fanboy Wars! I have never been an FF fan, but my body cannot stop trembling. Click after the break to review all of the updates. Check back at 3 PM PST for EA live updates.

Shane back on stage to talk about Rock Band 2. Alex Rigopulos (Harmonix CEO/President) on stage. 84 songs on disc (all with masters). Guns N Roses to debut on Rock Band 2. Bob Dylan to release first music on a game ever on RB2. AC/DC also first time ever on a video game. All downloads from first game will work on sequel.

Showing some kind of karaoke game. Lips from creator of Elite Beat Agents and Guitaroo, Keiichi Yano. It will allow you to sing from your own music collection. You can stick your MP3 player in the Xbox. New motion-sensitive mics with status lights. Some girl named Duffy singing. Okay. Can we move on to the next thing? Not much of a performer. When is this conference going to be over? I have to go to lunch.

Red Octane president Kai Huang on stage now. Doh. GTR site down. Over 80 songs including three exclusive REM songs from their new album. Metallica full album to release for GHIII then GHWT. Eagles and Van Halen to be exclusive to GHWT.

Shane Kim on stage. Banjo trailer. Viva Pinata trailer. New SceneIt. Weird You’re In the Movies game that uses Xbox camera. It’s really sad that Shane is just making a fool out of Don and John. Genavieve now to make a fool out of herself. Heheh. Interesting. You record footage separately and then it gets put together into something completely different. Music games. Guitar Hero.

John Schappert on stage now. Talking about Xbox Live. Showing new Xbox Experience (major dashboard update). Showing avatars. Lot more personality than Nintendo Miis. Avatar system being developed by Rare. Primetime will allow gamers to use their avatars in the 1v100 game show. I think I should sue them for stealing our podcast name. Sort of. Moving on to Games Channel. Playing Uno Rush with avatars. New Geometry Wars for XBLA. Galaga Legions for XBLA. Portal: Still Alive for XBLA. South Park game for XBLA. XNA Xbox Live Community Games to be lauched. Netflix announced as new partner. Live Party allows up to 8 gamers to share their experience together.

Don back on stage. Says people will send $48 billion on games this year. Larger install base than PS3. 5 new members every 5 seconds on Xbox Live. NBC/Universal television and Universal Movies joining Xbox Live Marketplace. Sucks for Apple.

Gears of War 2 Trailer. Wow. Sprinting with Body Cover.  Cliff’s on stage – sans Lancer. Crazy gameplay footage. Looks almost like CG cutscenes. Curb stomp updated so that it pans around Marcus. Explosions updated with shaky camera. Fog effects nice. Heads-up GUI has not really changed at all. Plus side is that people will be familiar with it. Insane chaingun which puts Halo 3 chaingun to shame. Brumak??? November 7 release date.

Fable 2 Trailer. Release October 2008.

Resident Evil Co-op Demo by Jun Takeuchi. Gameplay graphics were great. Release March 2009.

Fallout 3 Demo by Todd Howard looked amazing. If I heard corrently, there was also an announcement about exclusive Xbox 360 DLC.

Side Note: Gamerscore Blog announcements through Video News Alert
* Fable 2
* Gears of War 2
* Guitar Hero World Tour
* Rockband 2
* Lips
* Uno Rush
* Galaga Legions
* Portal: Still Alive (for XBLA in 2008)

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