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E3 2017 Games: Darksiders 3 And Beyond Good And Evil 2 Skips The Event

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e3 2017
Two major games aren’t appearing. [Image from E3 Expo]

E3 2017 is next month and fans are excited to see what AAA games are announced during the show. Gamers are also hoping to see updates on titles like the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Death Stranding, and much more. Sadly, two big games might not be appearing in the show: Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 was only announced recently, so it’s a bit surprising that the next installment isn’t bound for E3. Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been in development for more than a decade, so it’s non-appearance is also disappointing. Thankfully, news on these two titles will be made later this year, just not in this year’s E3.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Aside from the fact that it’s coming to the Switch, little is known about the sequel to the underrated gem. Fans hoping to find out more in E3 2017 were disappointed by an Instagram post from series creator Michel Ancel. One fan asked him if the game was going to make an appearance in the show, but Ancel said no.

He stated that E3 wasn’t a good time to showcase Beyond Good and Evil 2, though news is coming soon. To be fair, he isn’t wrong, given the amount of titles appearing, the game might get lost in the shuffle. The game is being worked on however, so it looks like the sequel will eventually come out, whenever that is.

Darksiders 3

Starring Fury, the only sister of the Four Apocalypse siblings, many fans were hoping to know more about Darksiders 3. It wasn’t too long ago when the game was announced, so the lack of an appearance is very surprising. THQ Nordic said this during a Q and A with IGN, stating that we would learn more later this year.

The developers were pretty vague during the Q and A, mostly stating that we will see something different in this game. Joe Madureira’s involvement was also played down, though he did redesign Fury from her original appearances in the comics. Madureira is also working on the upcoming Battle Chasers RPG, so it’s easy to see why he isn’t too involved.

E3 2017 starts on June 13 and ends in June 15, so that’s three days filled with new gaming info. Rumored games for the show include a new Batman game, an Egyptian-based Assassin’s Creed and much more. It should be a good show, just don’t expect to see these two big name titles.

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