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E3 2016: Most ?Popular? Games Anticipated Before The Big Event [Infographic]

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016 is the Oscars of the gaming industry, but before the big day, we want to get the feel of the magma building under our feet, leading to next week?s major eruption of game releases, announcements, and news. Which games are popular? In short, we want to find out:

  • What games are being discussed heavily in social media?
  • Which games are being written the most by content sites?
  • Which reveal trailers are hitting views in the millions?

Arguably, popularity here can be arbitrary, but not without basis. These are just ten of a slew of other popular and anticipated games that will hit E3 this year, including rumored appearances. IGN has listed nearly a hundred of these games and we know each game has their legions of fans ready to die (and uh-oh, kill) for their fave game. We then cherry-picked the ten hot games based on our site traffic. But we want to know how these games are faring outside of our little sandbox.

So we ran the numbers mashing up Google News search results, YouTube views, and data sources using social media tools. Of course, there can be stingers like No Man?s Sky, which is hugely popular but isn?t participating in E3. So we skipped it.

The results are hardly surprising, with the usual suspects turning up at the top-end of our stats. Kingdom Hearts 3, Mass Affect Adromeda, Battlefield 1? but it?s still interesting to see how they stack against each other. There?s something satisfying seeing big players battle it out like little boys diving for that last cookie in the jar. Iron Man vs Captain America, Superman vs. Batman, Donald Trump vs. Stephen Hawking? okay we?ll stop right here.

Enjoy the infographic below and see if your favorite game is ?in the game.?


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