E3 2016 Livestream Links: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, And All Major Publishers

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A couple of days from now, gamers worldwide will once again bear witness to the biggest gaming event, E3 2016. There?s a lot to look forward to this year, so much so that it may be hard to keep track of the schedules. If you?re having trouble, then look no further as we have a rundown of E3 2016 livestream links and show schedules from the top companies.

EA – June 12, 1pm PST/4pm EST/9pm BST/10pm CET

EA is one of the first to take center stage at E3. Among EA?s most anticipated presentations for E3 2016 is a massive 64-player Battlefield 1 game, Star Wars Battlefront DLC and of course, more of the anticipated Titanfall 2. You can tune in on EA?s Twitch channel for the E3 2016 livestream on June 12.

Bethesda ? June 12, 7pm PST/10pm EST/3am BST/4am CET

The Fallout and Elder Scroll developer has scheduled their E3 appearance long before. We don?t know how Bethesda will top last year?s Fallout 4 reveal, and the company has been pretty quiet about their E3 appearance. Some of the expected presentations include details for Dishonored 2, DOOM and Fallout 4 DLC. Bethesda?s Twitch channel will also be livestreaming the event.

Microsoft ? June 13, 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST/5:30pm BST/6:30pm CET

Microsoft may have bigger news for their consoles this year. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will unveil a more powerful version of the Xbox One. New speculations have even pointed out that Microsoft will unveil the VR device for Xbox One called Xbox Scorpio. You can watch Microsoft?s conference here on Twitch.

Ubisoft ? June 13, 1pm PST/4pm EST/9pm BST/10pm CET

Gamers shouldn?t expect the next Assassin?s Creed title to be revealed at E3 this year because the next one will launch in 2017. They can, however, look forward to Ubisoft showcasing the much anticipated Watchdogs 2 and details on the upcoming DLC for The Division. Drop by?Ubisoft?s Twitch channel.

Sony ? June 13, 6pm PST/9pm EST/2am BST/3am CET

Sony may be this year?s busiest company as there?s a lot to expect from it. Like Microsoft, Sony is expected to reveal a new and upgraded version of the PS4. As for games, fans can expect titles like the Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and more. If we?re lucky enough, we might even get a glimpse of The Last of Us 2. Watch Sony?s presentation on its Twitch channel.

Nintendo Treehouse: Live ? June 14, 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BST

Sorry guys, there is no Nintendo Direct this year, but Nintendo will still be present at the event. Some confirmed presentations include a live demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon and a hands-on gameplay of Zelda Wii U. Like the others, Nintendo will be livestreaming the event on its Twitch channel.

It?s fairly easy to watch the E3 2016 livestream. Fans can also drop by E3?s YouTube Gaming channel, its Twitch channel and several other websites. Others, like Nintendo, will livestream the event on its website. Square Enix will also hold a livestream from June 14-16.

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