E3 2016 Game Release Dates: All Titles From Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo’s Show

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E3 2016 is wrapping up, and we have a lot of games coming our way in the coming months and years. The developers have a lot to offer us and we?re excited for it. If you failed to catch this year?s big reveals, then don?t worry because we have you covered. Here?s a list of game releases from E3 2016 by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.


  • ????????The Division Underground DLC ? Coming first to the Xbox One on June 28
  • ????????Inside ? From the developer of Limbo, this indie will launch on June 29 for the Xbox One and July 7 on Steam.
  • ????????Forza 3 Horizon ? Launching Sept. 27, this next entry will feature the largest open-world for the game yet.
  • ????????ReCore ? Launching this Sept. 13
  • ????????Dead Rising 4 ? Revealed to be launching on Dec. 6 after an Xbox Store mishap
  • ????????Halo Wars 2 ? Launching on Feb. 21, 2017, but a beta is currently ongoing and will end on June 20
  • ????????Scalebound ? Originally set to launch this year, the release will come sometime in 2017
  • ????????State Of Decay 2 ? Releasing at a yet to be confirmed date in 2017
  • ????????Tekken 7 ? Launching for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC early 2017


  • ????????The Last Guardian ? After years in development limbo, the game will finally launch on Oct. 25 this year.
  • ????????Horizon Zero Dawn ? Coming Feb. 28 2017
  • ????????Resident Evil 7 ? Will launch on Jan. 27, 2017, but a demo is currently available on the PS Store
  • ????????God Of War ? The new take on the series recently got its world premiere, but the game has no release date yet.
  • ????????Crash Bandicoot Remaster ? This collection will come with the first two games as well as Crash Bandicoot Warped. Sadly, no release date has been pegged yet.
  • ????????Death Stranding ? This is Kojima?s first project with Sony starring Norman Reedus. It has no release date yet.
  • ????????Days Gone ? No release date yet, but expect more news from the developer in the coming months.
  • ????????Detroit Become Human ? No release date has been confirmed yet from this new IP
  • ????????Spider-Man ? A new Spider-Man game is currently being developed by Insomniac Games but has no release date yet.


  • ????????Pokemon GO ? After months of anticipation, this augmented-reality game will finally launch sometime in July.
  • ????????Ever Oasis ? This new dungeon Crawler for Nintendo is set to launch sometime next year.
  • ????????Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild ? The promising next entry in the Zelda series will hit the NX and Wii U sometime next year.

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