E3 2014: Major Revamp For Wii U and Zelda Wii U’s Turn To Shine

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What Will Nintendo Do At E3 2014
What Will Nintendo Do At E3 2014

If you are highly anticipating the E3 for this year, E3 will certainly make sure that it will be one hell of a show/event for attendees, both on site and online (via Twitch). ?In all honesty, this year?s E3 will blow us all away and everybody can bet on it (like they always do every year anyway).

Sony and Microsoft have already been hyping up the upcoming event with a number of titles from their consoles. Major overhauls have been done to give their consoles the upper hand in the console war as well, but what about Nintendo? They haven?t been showing something ?new? in the past E3s. Will E3 2014 be any different?

The Wii U has a lot of flaws. That is a given, but it is not like most people think. The Wii U has the processing power it needs to run certain games at acceptable speed. The problem lies more into the ?feel? of the console. The controller is comfortable at first, but not for too long as it is sort of bulky and the battery dies fast. The console itself looks like a slightly bigger version of the previous Wii.Even the name of the console Wii U have caused some identity problem. People can argue endlessly about Wii U?s hardware, but it is its software that needs some love and attention. A revamp of the system might be something Nintendo will be showing for E3. Either this or ?they showcase the ?other? platform that has something to do with ?Quality of Life?

With a redesigned Wii U (hopefully), the next best thing to follow it up would be none other than an exclusive title for the console. Zelda Wii U is definitely going to be the highlight, but a ?Darker? one might be? making its way to E3. There had been some debate on whether the next Zelda game would follow the classical approach or the newer and much more dynamic gameplay. Skyward Sword was a good Zelda game, but at some point, it didn?t feel like it was a Zelda game and it feels more like a Zelda game to become a Wii-mote promotional thing. Nintendo must be done doing experiments with the series and its about time that they get back to its roots.

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