E3 2014: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Might Appear

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KH3 and FFXV
KH3 and FFXV

If you are one of the fans waiting for so long for when Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released, you might be happy to know that these games might actually make their way to E3 2014.

Yosuke Matsuda gave out a slight hint that both these games will be having their chance to be showcased at this year?s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Based on a report from Gameranx, both the president and the chief executive officer of the video game giant, square-enix, said they are quite confident with both of the two as they make their way on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Not much detail had been given, but they did say that more will be revealed ?soon?. This certainly hints that these games might actually be featured on E3 2014 afterall.

There have been quite a number of interviews and trailers for both games last year, but square-enix has been ever-so-quiet about the game. After announcing the two games on last year?s E3, square-enix was not so pro-active in giving out details about the possible release dates of both games. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV aren?t even included in Sony Computer Entertainment?s 2014 schedule which leads its fans to a conclusion that these games might take a while before they enter the consumer market.

Final Fantasy XV was supposed to be released on PS3 as Final Fantasy XIII:Versus before, but then, it went through a number of major overhauls with the gameplay mechanics, graphics or more or less, the entire game itself. (similar to what happened to Metal Gear Rising:Reveangence which took a very long time to get released.) Kingdom Hearts 3 on the other hand was specifically tailor-made for the next gen consoles.

Both these games have chances of appearing on E3 2014. Chances may be slim, especially for Final Fantasy XV but it is not to say the it is impossible.


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