E3 2014: Android and iOS Mobile Gamers To Catch Sega’s Sonic Jump Fever This Summer

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SEGA announces Sonic Jump Fever to come to iOS and Android devices this summer

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2014) is officially in full blast and SEGA has proclaimed that their new Sonic game will be coming to our smart devices in the coming months. The Japanese game developer and publisher announced that the new Sonic Jump Fever will be available to Android phones and tablets, as well as to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Sonic Jump Fever is a free-to-play game based from the original Sonic Jump game initially released in 2005 to mobile devices and later on to Android phones and tablets in 2012. SEGA revealed that it will be released ?sometime this coming summer,? though no exact date has been confirmed. The game was soft-launched in Canada earlier this June for one week only. Soft-launches of the game may reappear at some point prior to its global release.

Unlike the previous Sonic Jump game, Sonic Jump Fever is all about attempting to beat other players? high scores. In the game, players can get high scores when carrying out vertical jump challenges. It starts with a player choosing a character; two of the most popular are Sonic and Knuckles, but a host of other characters from the Sonic universe are also available to be played with. As the game begins, players must avoid all sorts of obstacles, rebound from various platforms, and gather rings to obtain the best scores possible.

SEGA has decided to include a more fast-paced environment to Sonic Jump Fever that?s expected to make its players more competitive. Players not only need to maneuver their characters skillfully, before each game, they are also shown a scoreboard that indicates their score along with their friends and other players? scores worldwide ? information that hopes to trigger their drive to finish on top.

Sonic Jump Fever wants players to be competitive by displaying weekly leaderboards

Sonic Jump Fever wants players to be competitive by displaying weekly leaderboards

Moreover, climbing to the top of the leaderboard at one point is not enough. The scores will reset twice every week and players must prove their skills all over again. This set up is expected to keep the competitive spirit alive to Sonic Jump Fever fans. It will also provide a majority of other players the chance to see their names on the leaderboards once in a while.

Sonic Jump Fever is currently being developed by SEGA Networks? own mobile development studio ? Hardlight Studios. As we eagerly wait for its worldwide release, we can settle for now by watching this trailer shown by SEGA at the E3 2014:


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