E3 2014, A Brief Introduction

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You?ve heard about it before or read about it on our website, but do you really know what E3 is and what it stands for? We?ll give you a short introduction of the event here.

E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (hence the three E?s) and once every year, game developers, gamers, and the game press, gather for 1 week to feast on what everybody in the gaming world is up to. It?s like the Super Bowl of the gaming industry.

At first, there was no E3 event, but there was the CES or the Consumer Electronics Show. The CES was held twice a year. One was the winter show that was held in Las Vegas and the other was the summer show, which was usually held in Chicago but would sometimes have different venues. While the CES is good for consumer electronics in general, the people who ran the event didn?t actually have any idea about the gaming industry. The event was more about phones, alarms, and other various consumer electronics outside of the gaming industry.

Because of the lack of focus on gaming, the gaming industry felt quite alienated by the event and in 1995, the gaming and computer industry decided to separate itself from the CES and created E3. During this time, the major players in the gaming industry were SEGA and Nintendo. SEGA was the first adapter of E3 while Nintendo continued to support CES. As the E3 event saw more and more companies supporting it, Nintendo had no choice but to follow suit.

The Electronic Events Expo never planned to be a small-time event. The planners of the event made sure that if they were going to separate themselves from the CES, they had to make a substantial impact. This wouldn?t be much of a problem though, because the gaming industry community is very supportive. Everything was grand with with over 50,000 attendees and peaking over 75,000!

Fast forward almost 20 years after and the E3 event is going stronger than ever. We?ll be providing you with the latest updates and happenings for this year?s event so stay tuned.?

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