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Dynasty Warriors Blast: Not Your Ordinary Dynasty Warriors Title

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Picture this: you?ve just had a very bad day, and you?d want nothing more than to relieve your stress. You go home, fire up your PlayStation console, and you bring out your disc of Dynasty Warriors. Pretty soon, either you make up a character, or you choose one from the many heroes, and you imagine all the bad things happening to you as you make your way through the chapters. It is relaxing for some to ease off stress this way. In one way or another, you unleash hell onto unsuspecting opponents who can take the role of the person who wronged you that day.

That is just one way of playing it, though. There are many ways in which you can play Dynasty Warriors. Each one is unique, but the hack-and-slash game is strangely addictive if you attach a reason or a goal behind it, if you will. If you?re playing Xtreme Legends, some versions may allow you to achieve the ambition of your character, which happens to be a normal character ascending through the ranks. If you play Empires, your goal is to achieve unification of whichever country you?re playing in (ancient Japan or China) and become supreme ruler.

Koei Tecmo?s no stranger to producing games that spans different platforms. Most of their Dynasty Warrior games are available on either consoles or PCs, with some titles being more available than other versions. There have also been a lot of other titles which Warriors made in order to incorporate the massive hack-and-slash gameplay it is famous for. Given the Warriors touch, you can now relive many of the battles in the mech series Gundam just the way you remember them. One Piece: Pirate Warriors also lets you use Luffy?s expansive arsenal to great effect. And if you?re thinking about Link, well, Hyrule Warriors already solved the puzzle of what a battlefield in that world would look like.

As if they don?t have enough titles in their libraries already, Dynasty Warriors is adding another. And this time, it?s to come on a platform that most everyone is familiar with these days. Say hello to Dynasty Warriors Blast. It?s coming to Japan at the end of this month.

The game takes inspiration and many of its characters from Dynasty Warriors 7, a title released on the PS3. Just looking at the screenshots one can see that the familiar carnage and battlefield-spanning chaos of the Warriors series is present in this title too. As always, you play any of the available warriors who wield awesome powers and weapons that are equally impressive as well.

You will be able to purchase characters in-game, and these will provide you with their skills, along with new art. It remains to be seen how the payment and purchasing system will be laid out, but sources have said that the game will be free-to-play. As of right now, though, the game is available in Japanese only, and no word as to when it will be localized have leaked out.

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