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Dynasty Warriors 9 Zhou Cang: New Character’s Background and Everything You Need To Know

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Koei has been silent on the Dynasty Warriors franchise since Dynasty Warriors 8 was ported for the PS Vita way back in February 28, 2013. But now, the producers from Koei Tecmo Games have finally revealed that Omega Force (developer of Dynasty Warriors) has unveiled the new concept art and character for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 game.

During the ?Biggest Lineup In History? event held on December 17, Koei Tecmo has finally broken their silence. They have officially announced their ?Shin Sangoku Musou 8? game, with an English title of ?Dynasty Warriors 9.?

The set release date for Dynasty Warriors 9 in Japan will be on March 2, 2017. It will be available on PS4 and PS Vita. There is still no news regarding their western release as of the moment.

The upcoming game will now be an ?open-world? game which will represent a rebirth of this hack-and-slash franchise. In addition, the developers have also introduced a new character named ?Zhou Cang.? He will now be included in the 83 playable characters of this new franchise.

Previous Appearances

Zhou Cang has appeared in battles that greatly involved the ?Yellow Turbans? and Shu. Those scenes can be seen throughout the ?Dynasty Warriors? franchise.

If you can recall, Zhou Cang appeared in Dynasty Warriors, but not as a playable character. He appeared as reinforcements for Shu at the Battle of ?Ru Nan? in ?Kessen II?.

He also appeared in the first ?Warriors Orochi? game in Shu?s Story mode. This time around, he guards the Edo Castle under the orders of Zhuge Liang. Once defeated, Zhou Cang and his army team up with Shu in order to rescue their lord from Orochi.

Zhou Cang?s Origin and Specialty

Zhou Cang is a powerful fighter with dark complexion and curly beard. This is according to the novel ?Romance of the Three Kingdoms? where the Dynasty Warrior?s storyline is built. He is also affiliated with the ?Yellow Turbans? group.

Later on, he pledged loyalty to Guan Yu and helped the former during the ?Battle of Fancheng.? His choice of weapon in all of his battles is his Hammer-axe which we can also see in his character artwork.

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Zhou Cang charges onto the battlefield with an incredible force. Using his hammer-axe, he pushes the enemies out of his way. Furthermore, he uses his swiftness to attack several enemies from different angles. Players have definitely something to look forward to in the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9.

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