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Dynasty Warriors 9: Tokyo Game Show 2016 Reveal Incoming?

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Dynasty Warriors 9

Tokyo Game Show 2016 is set to begin and will start a couple of days from now. The event is expected to have big reveals and announcements. Fans are pretty eager to see all the happenings in the event. One particular title that fans may be looking out for is Dynasty Warriors 9. Will the upcoming event give the release date for the next entry in the hack-and-slash series?

Fans are expecting Koei Tecmo to finally make big announcements for Dynasty Warriors 9. PSU reports that the game?s producer Akihiko Suzuki earlier said that he has big announcements this year. There?s no better way to reveal the announcement than at the Tokyo Game Show considering that the game didn?t make an appearance at E3. The producer also said that the game will have a revamped system, but he didn?t expound on what this means.


On the other hand, Koei Tecmo?s Tokyo Game Show 2016 lineup doesn?t include Dynasty Warriors 9. This should be disappointing news for fans as the last Dynasty Warriors game was released way back in 2013. Fans shouldn?t lose hope too quickly though as there?s still a possibility for Tecmo Koie to reveal the game. The developer might be keeping it a secret for now to create a bigger splash when they finally reveal the game.

Fans are very excited for the next entry as it could introduce new features to the series. Throughout its long history, Dynasty Warriors games have always had significant differences from their predecessors. The latest entry is expected to once again introduce new features to the game, but we?ve yet to know what that is. We?re hoping the Tecmo Koei steps up their game and bring really big innovations for the next entry.

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