Dynasty Warriors 9: Release Window, Gameplay Details, And More Revealed By Famitsu

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Guan Yu Preparing To Attack In Dynasty Warriors 9
Famitsu Screenshots Of Dynasty Warriors 9 [Image Courtesy Of Famitsu]

As promised, Koei Tecmo did have a few new details regarding the next Dynasty Warriors game and it looks pretty promising. Screenshots and gameplay details of the anticipated title tease the rebirth of the franchise and it could draw in both old and new players to the series. Here’s every new detail to know about Dynasty Warriors 9.

Release Details

Aside from the screenshots handed out by Famitsu (via Dualshockers), there are a lot of new gameplay details revealed about the title as well. One of the new details is that progress on the game is only 40% complete. No release date has been pegged yet, but seeing as development on the game is still below the half mark, it could still take awhile. As for console availability, Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch exclusively on PS4.

Gameplay Features

The highlight of the next Dynasty Warriors game is the open world. Instead of having segmented areas set for each major battle, players will be able to explore one massive map. Players can travel via horse or on foot but since the map is huge, fast travel will be added as well. Moreover, the developer boasts that the map is so huge, players will take 5 minutes to get from one side to the other of the Yangtze river.

However, the developer does note that Imperial cities in the game aren’t as large as the ones seen in history books but they’re still pretty massive. There are over 10 cities to explore and aside from these, players will be able to come across small villages on the map.

Players can use the huge map to their advantage as well. Instead of a direct approach to historical battles, players are free to initiate battles in Dynasty Warriors 9 whichever way they want. They could enter from behind a castle for an ambush and they could even use the day/night cycle and weather system to their advantage as well.

When it comes to combat, Dynasty Warriors 9 will still have the same formula but with a twist. This time around, players will be able to use the environment in combat. We’ve yet to know everything that players can do in the environment during battle but one of the confirmed features is the ability to scale walls using a grappling hook.

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