Dynasty Warriors 9 Open-World: What To Expect From Omega Force’s Ancient China

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Dynasty Warrios 9 Teaser Trailer
Dynasty Warriors 9 Open-World Mechanics [Image Courtesy Of Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser]

Koei Tecmo recently made waves around the net with a teaser and a few details for Dynasty Warriors 9. One of the biggest news Koei Tecmo had for us was that the game will have a huge open-world to explore. It?s a first for the main series, and we?re excited to see how the map will turn out. Here?s what we can expect from the Dynasty Warriors 9 open-world.

Highly Detailed Areas

According to the developer, the Dynasty Warriors 9 open-world will have detailed areas. The map will be huge, but there will be a lot of mountainous areas in which battles can?t happen. Aside from the mountains, the developer will be adding highly detailed battlegrounds of places players of the franchise should be pretty familiar with. Players can expect to see highly detailed renditions of historical sights like Louyang, Hefei, Tong Gate, Xiangyang and many more.

Villages And NPCs

Since the developer promised a huge Dynasty Warriors 9 open-world, chances are the developer has come prepared with a few unexpected features. If the playable area is indeed large, there?s a chance that players will be wandering around in barren areas most of the time. To avoid this, what the developer could do is add villages and NPCs to the game. These villages could even be filled with quests, equipment and many more.

A Variety Of Mounts

One of the key features of any Warriors game is the mounts. The maps in previous titles are huge and would take a lot of time to traverse on foot. Luckily, it?s very easy to find a mount or two. The open-world in the next title is going to be huge as per the developer. Players will need mounts in the next game, so we can expect quite a few animals to ride. Series favorite Red Hare will also definitely make a comeback as over 80 characters will return in the sequel.?

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