Dynasty Warriors 9 Nintendo Switch Release Possible As Koei Tecmo Confirms Full Multiplatform Support

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Dynasty Warrios 9 Teaser Trailer
Dynasty Warriors 9 Open-World Mechanics [Image Courtesy Of Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser]

Koei Tecmo has another Dynasty Warriors title planned and many series fans are excited for what the next game will bring as the developer has teased quite a new features for the next entry. Before that, Koei Tecmo has to reveal which consoles the next Dynasty Warriors game will hit. Will a Dynasty Warriors 9 Nintendo Switch title be a possibility?

Video game industry analyst Daniel Ahman AKA Zhuge EX shares that Koei Tecmo will continue its support for the Nintendo Switch throughout the year. He also said that the multiplatform engine of the developer will now support Nintendo’s current console as well and this sort of confirms that a Dynasty Warriors 9 Nintendo Switch version will happen.

A Dynasty Warriors 9 Nintendo Switch release isn’t a big surprise as Koei Tecmo has already worked on the Warriors series with Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii U had Hyrule Warriors and the Nintendo Switch will have Fire Emblem Warriors coming up later this year. However, this will be the first time that a main entry in the Dynasty Warriors series will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

As for the game itself, there will be more news about Dynasty Warriors 9 this month As per PlayStation Lifestyle, game producer Akihiro Suzuki teased that there will be new details regarding Dynasty Warriors 9 this May in a tweet.

It’s very likely that Koei Tecmo will reveal a lot of things regarding Dynasty Warriors 9 and it could also reveal that the game is also coming to Nintendo’s most recent console outing. For now, we’ll have to keep a close eye on what Koei Tecmo will reveal for the game later this month.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is pegged as a rebirth of the series since it will introduce a lot of new features that stray away from what we are used to in the Warriors games. Koei Tecmo is going to add an open-world mechanic to Dynasty Warriors 9 and it’s pretty exciting to see how this will play out.

Aside from Dynasty Warriors, Koei Tecmo is also responsible for the other Warriors games including Samurai Warriors. It’s also responsible for the Dead or Alive series and there’s a chance we’d get to see other Koei Tecmo titles on the Nintendo Switch.

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