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Dynasty Warriors 9: 3 Things To Expect From The New Open World PS4 Title

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Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo has finally revealed Dynasty Warriors 9 last weekend. And it looks like the latest game in the franchise is set to be an open world game featuring China as a whole! Unable to wait for more news, we?ve listed the 3 top things that we?re expecting for Dynasty Warriors 9!

A New War Mode

One of the popular game modes from Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends was Ambition mode. It was essentially a quasi-war simulator.

You?d be a general starting off in a small peasant-like base then go on to endless battles to gain both fame and fortune. You also end up recruiting several other heroes in the game to serve as your bodyguards in battle.

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We?re pretty sure something similar to this game mode will be back in Dynasty Warriors 9. But we?re also betting that it will be an open world version of it.

The world of Dynasty Warriors showcases a war torn China with battles happening everywhere at any given moment. Picture it, you?re the general in charge of your own territories. You?ll be challenged to simultaneously attack and conquer new areas while managing to defend your territories against neighboring enemies, all in real time. Needless to say, we are very hyped up at the thought of this.

Better Enemies

Let?s face it, the AI in the game hasn?t been very challenging since its first conception. There have been some upgrades throughout the years but nothing has really been a game changer.

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Often times, you?re left feeling like you?re slashing away at an endless army of fodder instead of real enemies. You keep this up until you reach the closest officer for a slightly harder challenge.

And sure, hacking away hundreds and thousands of enemies is certainly one of the best staples of the franchise, but it would do every good if there was more depth to the enemy AI. We?re hoping that hits new installment will more challenging enemies who would be able to the experience of cutting them down just more fulfilling.

RPG Quest System

Dynasty Warriors 9 will become an open world game. They absolutely need to put in an RPG-style quest system.

Koei may actually need to put in a lot of quests in this game. China is a huge place, players need incentive to go out and take the time to check out all the amazing scenery that the developers are working on.

Not to mention, questing from NPCs are a staple for large open world games. It would be downright odd if Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn?t go down this route.

Older titles already have a good item progression system in place. It?s about time a complementary quest system gets added in as well.

So those are the top 3 things we?re expecting for Dynasty Warriors 9! Let us know what you think about all this in the comments section below!

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