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Dynasty Warriors 9: What To Expect In The May Reveal

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser
A Taste Of Dynasty Warriors 9 [Screenshot Captured From Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser Trailer]

The upcoming Dynasty Warriors is expected to be a rebirth of the series as Koei Tecmo seems to be going all out with the 9th mainline game. We were teased with a teaser trailer late last year but we’ve yet to get out eyes on more details after that. However, there’s a lot to be excited about this month as Koei Tecmo will have news in store on Dynasty Warriors 9.

It was revealed late last month that Koei Tecmo has some exciting things up ahead for Dynasty Warriors fans later this month. No date has been pegged for the new details so we should just keep a close eye on things. Despite the lack of details regarding the reveal, there are already a few things that fans can expect from the May Dynasty Warriors 9 reveal.

Open-World Showcase

One of the key features that Koei Tecmo is definitely going to flaunt in the May reveal is with regards to the game’s open-world. In past titles, players jumped from one distinct stage to another to engage in battles. Things are different the 9th time around with the game being set in a huge sprawling world based on ancient China.

We’ve yet to know how Koei Tecmo is going to execute this feature and it’s likely that we’ll see it soon. Whatever Koei Tecmo does with the open-world feature, all that players would want is the freedom to explore vast areas of China freely. The ability to jump into battles whenever we want would also feel nice.

While exploring a huge open world of Ancient China sounds good on paper, it can bring up some issues for the game. Most games with a huge open world have nothing worth doing in it. Some open world games also felt mundane to play due to a lot of backtracking. Hopefully. the Dynasty Warriors 9 May reveal will shed light on this aspect. 

Character Reveal

Aside from the huge battles, the highlight of any Dynasty Warriors game are the characters. That is going to remain the same in Dynasty Warriors 9. Many are expecting all 83 characters from Dynasty Warriors 8:Empires to return, along with a few new warriors. While we’ve yet to know the exact number of characters in the game, we are expecting the 9th mainline entry to have all major characters that have appeared in the series.

Engine Showcase

We can also expect Koei Tecmo to reveal how the game would look like this May. Many are expecting better graphics as compared to previous titles. However, it has been nearly four years since Dynasty Warriors 8 released and the fans are looking for more than just improved visuals.

It would also be nice if Koei Tecmo will make battles even grander using the game’s engine. We want to see bigger battles in the next entry and hopefully, we get to see just that later this month.

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