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Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay: What Fans Want

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser
A Taste Of Dynasty Warriors 9 [Screenshot Captured From Dynasty Warriors 9 Teaser Trailer]

Koei Tecmo recently teased fans about the next entry in the Dynasty Warriors series. The next game has no release date yet, but fans are already excited for the next game as there are quite a few surprising details about it. The Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay sounds pretty exciting and it looks to offer a lot of new things for the series veterans. To make the game a huge success, there are a few things that fans want to see from it.

Lively Open-World

One of the biggest announcements regarding the next entry was that it would have an open-world. Previous entries in the series allowed players to choose from a variety of maps and scenarios they want to play in. We?ve yet to know just exactly how the open-world will work in Dynasty Warriors 9, but it?s a given that fans would want it to be very dense.

The map will be based on China and it?s expected to be huge. The size of the map would feel useless if there are many barren areas. Hopefully, the developers will add villages and NPCs to visit.

Variation With Each Character

There are over 80 characters in the next game. It?s perhaps one of the biggest roster count in a Dynasty Warriors game. With that big a roster, there?s a chance that some characters are just reskins of others. In Dynasty Warriors 6, majority of the characters played similarly with each other. The developer should add more variety in the playstyle of each character.

Empire Customization

In the previous Dynasty Warriors titles, players can give their characters different mounts, weapons and accessories. We?re wishing that the developer would up their game by allowing us to fully customize not only our characters but our entire empire as well. Dynasty Warriors 9 should give us the ability to change the weapons and armor of the Wu, Wei, Shu and Others army.

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