Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Trailer: Nearly 300 In-Game Foes Die In Short 1-Min Video

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Dynasty Warriors 9
Source: Koei Tecmo Dynasty Warriors 9 main site

It’s hard to care for the lives of virtual people in video games, especially if it’s a Musou game by Koei Tecmo. The first gameplay trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9 has now surfaced online. We can see a few familiar faces in the trailer such as Guan Yu and Xiahou Dun. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dynasty Warriors game if it doesn’t involve massacring hundreds of enemies within a short span of time.

History Reborn

As seen on the official Koei Tecmo channel, the new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer is short and just shows a brief action gameplay of a few characters. Lots of cannon fodder enemies are disposed off in the trailer, especially after Guan Yu shoots an arrow at an explosive barrel.

Aside from its flashy gameplay, we also got a glimpse at the vast open areas of the game. The trailer pulls up some beautiful landscape timelapse shots before zooming in onto a hack-and-slash battle. It’s safe to say that Koei Tecmo just showed us how big the open world is in this clip.

It’s mascot character, Zhao Yun, is seen looking toward the horizon at the end of the video. The video didn’t even announce its release date. So far, the title is confirmed to launch for PS4 in Japan.

Open World Warriors Game

Dynasty Warriors 9 is an open world twist to the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. Gameplay features such as stealth, extended combo system, and object interaction are confirmed for this entry. The confirmed roster is around 83 characters with two new additions like Cheng Pu and Zhou Cang. We still have to wait for more announcements on how the open world gameplay of Dynasty Warriors 9 feels like.

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