Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Pledging Allegiance to the PlayStation Alone

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There was a lot of hype surrounding erstwhile unknown game developer Dinosaurum Games over their decision to solely release games for the Sony PlayStation. Their game, an adventure mystery game called Without Memory, is set to be released to the PlayStation 4 alone.

While this is the equivalent of a so-called gaming coup, gamers took to the Net to express both displeasure and support at the decision. While the war isn?t just about new IPs and previously unknown indie developers taking sides and showing exclusivity, it is actually getting serious. As serious as in the war for getting exclusive licenses and titles that are released on exclusive platforms is. In this light, the Sony PlayStation is actually winning the battle, as Microsoft?s Xbox One is heavily suffering a drought in gaming terms.

As if that wasn?t bad news enough, Microsoft?s tech heart is about to be broken all over again. If previously, they enjoyed support from it, this time, Microsoft will have to make do without the Dynasty Warriors franchise as Tecmo Koie and developer Omega Force have reiterated full and exclusive support for the PlayStation. They will be focusing on a PlayStation-exclusive release for the Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires release, which is currently being developed.

This news came from Famitsu, where it said that after the initial release of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the PC, gamers can expect the release of the supporting Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 in the coming fall. This is for the North American release, with the Steam release following suit.

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This Empires title comes with the usual goods that accompany the series and more. Gamers will be treated to brand new commanders, as well as various customization options. In this release, you can now customize your flag, as well as your soldiers and horses. You even have the option to have your character marry and have kids, much like how you do it in the Sims. However, think of it as Skyrim set in Asia, where along with the family life, you also have to kill enemies and conquer towns and cities.

Two playable demos are being primed for release by Tecmo. These releases will feature the game?s ?edit? and ?cooperative? demos, meaning that they will likely be functional enough to help in the decision to buy. These both feature modes and new features that will also be available in the full-release.

The trouble for the Xbox One is not surprising, and Tecmo?s decision isn?t either. While Dynasty Warriors 8 did release on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 last July, the main decision on why Tecmo favored the Sony PlayStation is because of the long storied relationship both brands have, dating back to Sony?s PlayStation years. Another reason might be because of the low sales the Xbox One has been having.

If these are any indications of impending doom, Microsoft can only hope that they do more and do well enough to get other titles and support to their shores. It?s only natural, since if games are any indications of a console?s success, then Microsoft is in for a rough time.

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