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DynaPad Release Date And Features: New Toshiba Device Makes It Easier To Move From PC To Tablet Modes

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Toshiba, in partnership with Windows, announces its much-awaited dynaPad, a special Windows 10 tablet reshaping the use of pen and paper. Microsoft and Toshiba have built a strong and lasting relationship that gives them a unique combination of innovation and precision that makes for an amazing dynaPad.

The new dynaPad takes advantage of the capability to write and annotate on its web browser. It also takes you to Cortana, the personal digital assistant of Windows operating systems, and Continuum, ?which helps people move seamlessly between PC and tablet modes on their Windows 10 devices as well as Xbox One Game Streaming,? Windows posts in a blog.

Design and features

Microsoft?also shares another take on Toshiba?s new device, ?the dynaPad is a great digital notebook, specially designed to encourage your creativity, and also enhance productivity.? It features an ultra-thin keyboard dock for a fluid typing experience and a high-precision pen which replicates the natural feeling of writing or drawing with a pen on paper.

Its ultra-thin and lightweight composition makes for a great device on-the-go. The dynaPad is enforced with a metal mesh sensor technology which combines with a high-performance, high-precision TruPen with 2,048 levels of pressure. ?It makes for superior accuracy, allowing you to maintain your natural writing style as you take notes or draw doodles,? Microsoft shares in their blog. ?It?s the perfect companion for taking notes or using our WebNote technology in Edge.?

The dynaPad also sports a 12-inch display with wide viewing angles for true comfort that has a dual-layer anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating, ?which helps to maintain the screen?s sensitivity in bright environments.? So if you?re looking for that unique tablet experience, the dynaPad will be available in the U.S. and Europe during the first quarter of 2016 and is available in Japan today for pre-ordering.

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