?Dying Light: The Following? Enhanced Edition Trailer Releases as Game Goes Gold

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?Dying Light? Enhanced Edition?s new trailer has been released by game developer Techland. The development on the new version of the 2015 game is finished, and ?Dying Light: The Following? ? Enhanced edition has gone gold.

The trailer released by Techland focuses specifically on the game?s new challenges called Bounties. Techland is also adding a three-tiered bounty system to the game.

Techland released ?Dying Light? in 2015, and the game is still getting stronger as the developer has promised a DLC update for Feb. 9. The official website of ?Dying Light? details what fans can expect in the new expansion from Techland.

?Dying Light: The Following? Enhanced Edition will add fresh content to the first-person action survival horror game. The expansion will be available for free, and it will include new story, new character levels, new moves, new maps, a bounty system, drivable vehicles, Nightmare difficulty and gameplay quality improvements.

The new bounty system in ?Dying Light: The Following? is part of the new expansion of the game. Those who already have the base game will receive the bounty system and other updates coming in February. Once the players complete the main story, the bounties will be unlocked and split into three categories. Every time players turn on the game, the first bounty, dubbed Basic Bounties, will be available. Basic Bounties brings simple tasks such as surviving the night chases or killing some zombies by cutting off their heads.

The next bounty in ?Dying Light: The Following? Enhanced Edition update will be Daily Bounties. The latest trailer of ?Dying Light? shows that the Daily Bounties require players to locate the tallest building on the map, reach it, and jump off of the building safely.

The February expansion for ?Dying Light: The Following? will also add one more bounty type called Community Challenge. Game developer Techland said that the community challenges in ?Dying Light? will be available for a certain period of time. The players will be assigned tasks, and they will be required to work together to complete the missions. If the community is able to finish the tasks within the given time frame, players will receive rewards.

With the bounty system and the new extensive vehicle customization, it is clear that ?The Following? is much more than just a simple expansion for ?Dying Light.? It genuinely seems like a true rejuvenation of the game and looks to provide players with a new story, a new area to explore, and new gameplay features to sink their teeth into.

?Dying Light: The Following? Enhanced Edition will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The base game is already available for these platforms. Those interested in buying ?Dying Light: The Following? can get it for US$20, Gamespot reports. Those interested in getting the game through the ?Dying Light? DLC pass can buy it for US$30.

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