Dwayne Johnson Set to Star in a DC Film?

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image courtesy of dc.wikia.com

Dwayne Johnson has been in a lot of movies that fandoms have grown to like. He?s US agent Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious series, and he?s also come a long way from his first movie ?The Scorpion King?. He?s also currently the star of a new ?Hercules? movie, set to come out in theaters soon.

Now, Dwayne Johnson, also known for his wrestling alter-ego ?The Rock?, is set to come out as another hero: this time, a real, honest-to-goodness comic book hero. He recently revealed that DC studios has reached out to him, and he?s responded, saying that he had been offered a superhero role in the film. Earlier discussions had said he was supposed to play the villain Black Adam or intergalactic anti-hero Lobo, but now he says that not only would he be playing a character, but that he would be playing the superhero Shazam.

image courtesy of dc.wikia.com

image courtesy of dc.wikia.com

He did say, without confirming anything else, that a character was in the works, and that he was going to play this character pretty soon. The said character was as strong as Superman, in the sense that this character ?can throw down?. Apart from that, Johnson didn?t reveal anything else.

Speculations were rife on a lot of DC Comics’ movies last month. There was the initial hoopla that was the revelation of Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne in the upcoming ?Batman v Superman?. Among those speculations was the title of ?Shazam!? showing up. It was revealed that the superhero was supposed to have a solo film, coming out after the ?Batman v Superman? movie, and that it was going to come out on July of 2016.

Dwayne Johnson has been perfect so far in all the roles he?s played. He displayed his acting chops first on ?The Scorpion King?, and was also seen doing comedy in titles such as ?Get Smart? and ?The Other Guys?. He did a slew of movies for Disney, also establishing his name as a big, kind-hearted man-child. Then, there?s the ?Fast and Furious? series, where he and Vin Diesel threw down, in a response to a growing clamor of fans wanting to see the Rock and Diesel pit everything against each other.

He?s played superheroes too, the most recent being a charismatic ?Hercules?. With him set on playing DC superhero ?Shazam!? what are people?s initial thoughts? Knowing Johnson, for sure, he?s going to ?bring the pain? along with him.

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