Dustin From Stranger Things: 5 Reasons Why He?s All Sorts of Awesome

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Dustin From Stranger Things

It seems a bit unlikely that a 12-year old toothless kid (his teeth are coming in, it?s called cleidocranial dysplasia!) is the star of a science fiction thriller set in a small town during the 80s. Well learn more about Dustin from Stranger Things, the latest TV series hit from Netflix, created by The Duffer Brothers.

Just to get this clear though – the undisputed star of the show would undoubtedly be Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. You get to watch her shift through a range of emotions – alien indifference, terrified bravery, quizzical innocence, and just plain beautiful butt-kicking awesomeness. She dominated each scene she was in, naturally making her character the focal point of the show, which is no mean feat given that she practically speaks just eleven words the whole time (pun intended!).

So yeah, Elle undeniably rocks but there is one other character that, unlike Eleven, isn?t really all that special? except to those who know and love him for who he truly is. Meet Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo), one of the four boys we first see playing their Dungeons and Dragons with all the zest and vigor of their pre-teen years. In school, he (along with his friends) are classified as losers and with his pudgy figure, curly hair, toothless-ness, and his geeky ways, he?s most likely to be at the receiving end of any bully?s attention, at any school, not just Hawkins High. But with Dustin from Stranger Things, there is no doubt that you?d want him to be your best friend by the end of the show. Here?s why:

  1. Once you earn his loyalty, he will defend you to the death, even if he thinks you?re crazy.

  1. He swears like a drunk sailor, which makes for hilarious times together. Owing to the structure of his teeth, he forms a lisp that becomes pronounced and endearing when he says ?sonofabitch?, or ?shit? or calling the canteen lady ?a bald faced liar?.
  1. He?ll be there for you no matter what, but he?ll tell you how it is and he?ll keep it real. In fact, he?s surprisingly mature, admitting to Mike that he knows he?s not the best friend, but that Lucas is, which Mike refuted. But Dustin, he?ll call you out on your mistakes too, just like when he told Mike that all three of them (Mike, Lucas and Eleven) were ?being a bunch of little assholes? and that he was the only reasonable one. True that.

  1. Owing to his level-headedness, he?ll probably be ready for a zombie apocalypse, either bringing in food for the whole gang or going in search for some. Heck, he could track an interdimensional portal with a compass!

  1. He asks the best questions from ?Do you eat kangaroos for breakfast?? to ?Do you have cancer?? to our personal favorite, ?why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?? In fact, that entire conversation with the science teacher Mr. Clarke just proves that this kid can talk his way out of anything.Dustin from Stranger Things

Who else is in love with Dustin from Stranger Things? See his funny moments in the video below.

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