Dungeon Fighter Online Launches June 9

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Nexon?s Neople studio will be releasing Dungeon Fighter Online, the game is a 2D side-scrolling action game, were players fight their way through dungeons with a party with up to three other players or solo if your the loner type.

There?s also something for the advanced player, you can take part in intense player-versus-player competition, where each opponent can mean a wholly unique fighting challenge and like all Nexon America titles, Dungeon Fighter Online is free to download and play.

?Few games offer as much as Dungeon Fighter Online for so little,? said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. ?Gamers will feel nostalgic with Dungeon Fighter?s retro art style and arcade style action. Hardcore RPG fans will immediately sense the deep and structured character advancement opportunities and be surprised by the quantity of items in the game. And PVP players will be floored at the diversity of competition made possible through the unique character builds. Each element could make up a great game on its own ? but Dungeon Fighter Online offers all three in one experience for free.?

Dungeon Fighters are currently uniting at Facebook, and players can see more of the action on YouTube.

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