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?Duke Nukem? Update: Ownership Dispute Ends, 3D realms, Gearbox Software and Interceptor Entertainment Make Peace

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Finally, the dispute between the three game developers on who ever owns the right for the Duke Nukem franchise as the litigation for the franchise has finally ended.

In a joint statement, all parties have agreed that the rights for Duke Nukem IP will now be passed on to Gearbox Software; the team who also developed Duke Nukem Forever and team behind the Borderlands franchise. Not details on what will be the settlement for the lawsuit.

Here are the statements from the three developers (source: Gearbox Software website)

Mike Nielsen (3D Realms CEO): ?When Interceptor acquired a license to develop ?Duke Nukem Mass Destruction? (?Duke Nukem Survivor?) from 3D Realms, we did so in good faith and were not aware of any conflict. We never intended to cause any harm to Gearbox or Duke, which is why we immediately ceased development after Gearbox reached out. To secure the future of Duke, 3D Realms has agreed with Gearbox that a single home serves the IP best. And as big Duke fans, we?re excited to see what Gearbox has in store for the ?King.? As for our own games, we?re eager to complete development of the ?Bombshell? game and get it in the hands of our fans.?

Frederik Schreiber (Interceptor Entertainment CEO): ?I?m really happy that the lawsuit between Gearbox, 3DR, and Interceptor has come to an end. Right now, I, along with my Interceptor colleagues, are busy making the finishing touches on ?Bombshell.? We can?t wait until you guys can play it!

Now that the lawsuit is over, I?d like to say a few things about my history with Gearbox, and hopefully clear some things up. I?ve been a huge Duke fan for many years, and the original Duke Nukem 3D was a big influence on me and my career in this industry that I love.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Gearbox for allowing me to work on Duke Nukem Reloaded. I decided to cease production of Reloaded in 2011 to establish Interceptor and work on Rise of the Triad.

I want to make it clear now, once and for all ? It was my own decision to pull the plug on Duke Nukem Reloaded, even though we were fully allowed to continue development. I respect Gearbox for supporting a young developer, and I?m glad we can now put this behind us.

I look forward to completing development on ?Bombshell? and?as a long-time fan of Duke?I?m excited to see what Gearbox has in store for the ?King?!?

Gearbox Software: ?Gearbox Software has voluntarily ended its litigation against Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms, and wishes to keep the terms of its settlement confidential except to confirm that Gearbox Software is the full and rightful owner of the Duke Nukem franchise.?

The lawsuit started in February of 2014 when 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment (Rise of The Triad) teased of a new Duke Nukem game called Mass Destruction for the PS4 and PC. Gearbox filed suit at the same month for copyright infringement. Then on May 8, the lawsuit has been settled via mediation.

The Duke Nuken franchise, originally owned by 3D Realms was a hit during the 90?s when it shifted from side-scrolling shooter to a first person shooter. The most recent game, Duke Nuken Forever took almost 12 years before it became a reality, it was then passed on to Gearbox Software to complete the said game.

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