Anna Duggar To Return On ‘Counting On’ With A Bigger Role Amid Pregnancy News

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Before news of her fifth pregnancy broke last week, Anna Duggar has been keeping a low profile alongside husband Josh Duggar. However, the expecting mom might step into the spotlight again if the fresh reports are anything to go by.

There have been speculations that Anna could come back to Counting On with the news of her pregnancy. We can recall that while she has been publicly shunned alongside Josh two years ago, she has not been officially banned from appearing on the TLC network where their reality show 19 Kids and Counting used to air.

Duggar News: Anna Returns To ‘Counting On’

The Hollywood Gossip suggests the upcoming season could be the perfect time to make her return to the small screen. In fact, the site notes she made an appearance recently on the reality show, helping sister-in-law Jana in planning Jinger Duggar’s bridal shower. Yes, the show is rehashing the wedding again.

Just like any other Duggar event, the bridal shower was well-attended, with around 80 guests. “I think it’s just a neat opportunity to have a day for some of her closest friends to come together and just share in the excitement of her upcoming wedding,” Anna says of the gathering in the “webisode.”

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Duggar News: Anna Duggar helps Jana prepare for Jinger’s bridal shower in the most recent Counting On webisode.

Duggar News: ‘Counting On’ Season 4

Counting On is set to return this summer with more events and surprises for fans. In case you missed it, there have been several events that are yet to be featured in the show, including Joy-Anna Duggar’s engagement to Austin Forsyth and Joseph Duggar’s official courtship with Kendra Caldwell. Now that Anna Duggar has reappeared in the show, there is no reason for her to hide again. Not to mention, her pregnancy is among the major news about the family too.

Some fans are hoping that she will appear on Counting On more now than she has in the past. While her children were often featured on the family’s social media accounts, Josh’s wife has been keeping a low-profile for several months. The majority believes it could be because of her pregnancy, but there were others who think she is just uncomfortable of the media’s reaction to her.

Fans can only keep their fingers crossed that she’ll become a regular again in the upcoming season. Inquisitr suggests it is more likely she’ll have a bigger role on the show because of her pregnancy. Josh may still be barred from the network, but fans believe his wife should not be punished for his actions.

TLC has not yet provided the release date for Counting On Season 4 but as summer nears, the wait should not be too long.

Any thoughts about the latest Duggar family news? Would you like to see more of Anna Duggar on Counting On too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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