Duggar Family Updates: Jessa Duggar?s Pregnancy Photos Spotted On Adult Dating Site?

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Duggar Family

The Duggar family is caught in new controversy as Jessa Duggar Seewald?s pregnancy pictures are used by an adult dating site. A couple of days ago, a Freejinger.com forum user shared the screenshot of that advertisement.

The website which used Jessa?s pictures is called Freehookupaffair.com. This website is used by men who like to have a sexual relationship with ?pregnant women. In the alleged image, one can notice that 22 weeks pregnant Jessa is taking a selfie. Now she has a baby Spurgeon, Inquisitr reported.

Duggar family usually shares family members personal pictures on social media and family website. They have clearly mentioned that Duggar family pictures should not be taken without permission.

Recently, Jessa?s brother Josh ?was in a controversy for a similar issue. A DJ called Matthew McCarthy had complained that Josh Duggar used his pictures on various social media sites. ?McCarthy had mentioned that ?people are teasing him. They are calling him as ?Duggar?s boy toy?, ?DJ Duggar?. He filed a lawsuit too.

These controversies are not going to affect Duggar family?s upcoming show ? Counting On: Season 2?. The exciting fact is ?Counting On? will be filled with a lot of happiness. Duggar family was humiliated due to Josh Duggar?s sex scandals. Last year, they made headlines only for bad reasons. But the family is not going to touch that sad past.

Jinger Duggar is engaged to football player Jeremy Vuolo. So, the upcoming season of ?Counting On? is going to highlight it. Duggar family has some tough rules for courtship. They don?t like the couple kissing each other or sharing any kind of physical relationship when they are courting. The American families are eager to know more about this. Jinger?s wedding is a big possibility. Fans are expecting to see the wedding on the television screen.

?What a joy for us to announce that Jeremy and Jinger are now engaged to be married! Wow, where did the time go? Sweet little Jinger is now grown up and engaged! We are so happy for them both. Above all, we are so grateful for their love and commitment to Christ. We are so excited about another Duggar wedding!? Duggar family wrote on their website.

?Counting On: Season 2? premiere episode will be aired on Aug. 23 at 8 PM ET on TLC.

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