Duggar Family Updates: Impressing Duggars Was Tough For Jeremy Vuolo?

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Jinger Duggar

The new trailer for the Duggar family show ?Counting On? season 2 has shown how the Duggars have accepted Jeremy Vuolo. Winning the Duggars over was a tough task for Jeremy.

?They asked me the questions. They try and prank me at times too. One time Jinger spared me from a prank, which I?m grateful for,? Jeremy said.

Jeremy met Jinger through Ben and Jessa. Jessa has also confessed that they were impressed by Jeremy. Later, Jeremy asked Jim Bob Duggar whether he can marry Jinger.

Jinger has already confessed that she is very much in love with Jeremy. She also revealed how Jeremy proposed to her. Jeremy had someone play Jinger?s favorite song when he was proposing to her. He walked out and he dropped down on one knee. He proposed to her in a very romantic way.

Earlier it was reported that Jinger will settle down in New York. But as per the latest updates, Jinger and Jeremy will be living in Texas after marriage.

The Duggars have already shared Jinger and Jeremy?s pictures on social media. The fans are wishing the couple well. Since Jinger?s parents have 19 kids, fans are eager to know how many kids she wants to have. Jinger said that kids are God?s blessings. She is interested in having a family with Jeremy. But she did not say how many kids she wants.

Jeremy has purchased a beautiful ring for Jinger. But Jinger has said that she never expected anything from him. She is not like other girls who have too many demands for the ring or the wedding. She is impressed by whatever he is doing for her with love.

Apart from Jinger and Jeremy?s courtship, ?Counting On? fans will get to see Ben and Jessa?s new plans for adoption. ?Jill and her husband have spent several months in Central America. The couple ws engaged in charity work. In the preview trailer, they revealed what they observed in Central America. The couple expressed their concern for society in the preview trailer for ?Counting On?. The Duggar family?s young sons may also start courting this year. ?Joy, Jedidiah and Jeremiah are also reaching a milestone with high school graduation rapidly approaching. And, these three aren?t the only ones growing up; could John David, Joseph and Josiah be pursuing courtships? ?These siblings aren?t kids anymore, and each new relationship, parenting challenge and exciting endeavor are a reminder of how much they?ve grown,? the Duggar family wrote on their website.

?Counting On? Season 2 will be aired on ?Tuesday, August 23 at 8/7c on TLC. ?

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