Duggar Family Updates: How Was Jill?s Life In Central America?

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Jill Duggar And Derick

The Duggar Family show ?Counting On? season 2 is hitting the television screen on August 23. The fans are eager to know what Jill and her husband did in Central America.

TLC has uploaded a new video to tell fans about Jill and her husband Derick Dillard?s charity works in Central America. The couple has shared their experience in the video. Jill and Derick stayed in the middle of the jungle. Their house was not a luxurious one. Derick said that there were wild creatures around. The couple was engaged in prayer service. Many people met Jill and Derick for Bible studies.

There were no housemaids for Jill. She was seen cleaning the house. Jill?s son Israel has gained 3 to 4 pounds in last few months. He has started learning words. He can pronounce the names of fruits. Derick and Jill are enjoying their time as parents. Sometimes, water was not available in Jill?s house for three days. She explained how she used to struggle with messy kitchen room when the water was not available. The couple stayed in Central America for ten months. Jessa Duggar had been to Jill?s Central America house sometimes back. Jessa revealed that Jill was living without AC and a very good kitchen room. Derick and Jill were criticized by Duggar fans for not leaving Central America when Zika virus was creating a lot of fear.

?We feel like we’ve made great advancements in just learning the culture and the language as well as building relationships with so many precious people. Our time here so far has allowed us to see many hearts touched, many souls accept the redeeming love of Christ, and many sweet people helped through humanitarian efforts. We believe our labors until now will serve as a strong foundation for many years of wonderful ministry in the days to come,? Jill and Derick wrote on their website.

In the promo for ?Counting On? season 2, Jill has confessed that she wants to have another baby in future. The couple has reached Arkansas. They will be staying with Duggar family for some time.

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