Duggar Family Updates: Duggars Complimented Josh On His Wedding Anniversary!

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Josh Duggar

The Duggar family has shocked their fans as the family has complimented Josh Duggar on the occasion of his wedding anniversary.

The Duggars have posted the picture of Anna and Josh on their official Facebook page. ?Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God?s redemptive love in your lives,? Duggars wrote.

The Duggars? post is receiving a good response from the fans. Many praised the Duggars for accepting their defamed son.

?If they didn’t post this then everything they believe concerning their faith in God would be null and void. What Josh did was serious…no one is denying that. But no one is out of the reach of God’s forgiveness and redemption if they ask. Their faith is strong and real and this post is a testament of that faith,? a fan commented.

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Fans have acknowledged the great works done by Anna to rebuild her family life. Some of them have called Anna as a role model. In a fan?s opinion, by forgiving Josh, the Duggar clan proved that they are following the noble values of Christianity.

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Another fan has commented that Josh and Anna are a wonderful example of a husband and wife. People file a divorce for a small issue, but this couple struggled hard to save their marriage.?

Earlier, the Duggar family had posted a picture of Anna, Jill and Jinger shopping together. There were a few fans that commented on Anna?s lips. They say that they are swollen because she is the victim of domestic violence. However, the latest post the Duggars have added killed all such speculations.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar always had a soft corner for Josh. A couple of weeks ago, the Duggars had posted a small footage of Meredith, Josh?s youngest daughter. ?Our sweet Meredith!? the Duggars captioned the video. Josh was also seen with his other siblings in one of the recent posts. Jim Bob had taken his ten sons to the EAA Oshkosh Airshow 2016.

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On Josh?s birthday, the Duggars had posted Josh?s favorite Bible verse. However, fans criticized the Duggars for keeping in touch with Josh.

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Josh was caught in a sex scandal in 2015. Later, he was sent to the rehabilitation center. Anna had gone to the rehabilitation center to meet Josh. When he came back, she welcomed him. ?

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