Duggar Family Update: ?Counting On? Season 2 Episode 2 Will Highlight Jinger?s Courtship?

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Counting On Season 2

Josh Duggar?s family?s show ?Counting On? Season 2 episode 2 will highlight Jinger’s courtship.

Jinger will be seeking courtship advice from her elder sisters. The official synopsis uploaded by TLC has confirmed it. It is also revealed that Jeremy will be meeting the Duggar family. He may have lunch with the Duggars. Usually, the Duggars meet their future son-in-laws many times before the wedding day.

The preview for episode 2 has also shown Jinger and Jeremy sharing their opinion about courtship. ?I think it?s different for each person. It?s not a cookie cutter. Just praying about those things and not necessarily, you don?t have to have it all listed as a set of rules, but just a general idea and letting the people around you know,? Jinger said, according to International Business Times.

Jinger and Jeremy went to Jessa?s house. Jim Bob and Michelle were also seen there. When Jinger and Jeremy told that they are courting, the Duggars appreciated them.

?I have a desire to save really the physical for marriage. I think we both understand that. There are temptations and if we open a lot of doors physically. The time spent together basically becomes a time of saying, ?OK we can?t cross this line? or ?We can?t cross this line, It becomes difficult,? Jeremy said. Jessa will share her sweet memories about courtship.

Apart from Jinger?s courtship, fans will also get to watch Ben and Jessa talking about their plan for youth outreach. Jill and Derrick will share their Central American visit experience. Jessa and Ben will also reveal big news. As everyone knows, the couple is expecting their second child.

Is One More Duggar Girl Getting Ready For Courtship?

In the preview for episode 2, fans saw Joy-Anna ?Joy? Duggar speaking about courtship. So, fans are believing that Joy is also willing to court a guy. On the family website, the Duggars had written that Jedidiah and Jeremiah are also reaching a milestone with high school graduation rapidly approaching. These three are growing up. The Duggars teased that the younger Duggars are not children anymore. They may think about courting. ?John David, Joseph and Josiah are also likely to think about courtships.

?Counting On? season 2 episode 2 will be aired August 30 at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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