Duggar Family Show ?Counting On? Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers: Jinger?s Marriage Plans Will Be Revealed?

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Counting On Season 2

Duggar family?s show Counting On season 2 episode 2 is getting ready to hit the television screens. Fans are waiting to hear more thrilling news from Duggar family.

What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Episode of ?Counting On??

  1. ???Jeremy And Jinger?s Wedding News

In the previous episode, Duggar family followers saw Jeremy Volvo asking Jim Bob whether he can court his daughter or not. Jim Bob has given his permission. Jeremy has proposed Jinger and she has accepted him. The couple is likely to reveal their wedding plans.

?Throughout the season, viewers will watch Jinger and former professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo as they experience all the exciting firsts of a new, budding courtship. From the official ?blessing? and meeting the family to chaperoned dates and side hugs, Jinger and Jeremy get to know each other better to determine if another Duggar wedding is around the corner,? Duggars posted on their website.

  1. ???Jeremy?s Parents Speaking To Duggars

Jeremy?s parents and grandparents have conveyed their best wished to Jinger and Jeremy. After falling in love with Jinger, Jeremy met his family and told about his love story. His family is extremely happy. They may meet Jinger?s parents in the upcoming episode.

  1. ???Jessa?s Second Pregnancy

Duggar family has confirmed that Jessa is expecting her second child. But Jessa did not speak about her second pregnancy in the previous episode of ?Courting On?. So, there is a possibility of Jessa and her husband Ben sharing their thoughts about parenting.

  1. ???Jill And Derrick?s Central America Visit

Jill has shared very few facts about their Central America visit. Their son Israel is learning to speak. The couple was living in Central America when zika virus was causing a lot of problems in that region. Fans are curious to know how the couple managed the situation.

?Our time here so far has allowed us to see many hearts touched, many souls accept the redeeming love of Christ, and many sweet people helped through humanitarian efforts. We believe our labors until now will serve as a strong foundation for many years of wonderful ministry in the days to come,? Jill and Derick wrote on their website.

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