Duggar Family Show ?Counting On? Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Jinger And Jeremy?s Love Story Started!

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The Duggar family?s television show ?Counting On? season 2 episode 1 was aired on TLC last night. Here you have the review.

Fans saw Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo expressing their love for each other. Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald are baby-proofing their house. Their 9 month old son Spurgeon is a very active and energetic baby.

Jeremy Vuolo has reached Arkansas. The agenda of his visit was to meet Jinger?s family. Jinger?s father ?Jim Bob received Jeremy at the airport. Later, he took his future son in law to a coffee shop. ?Jim Bob revealed that Jinger is thinking about Jeremy. Jeremy asked Jim Bob, whether he can start courting Jinger. Jim Bob gave his permission.

Jeremy met Jinger with flowers. The couple went outside. Jeremy proposed her. Jinger accepted him wholeheartedly, according to Hollywood Life.

The fans are happy about the first episode. They are sending their best wishes to Jinger Duggar on social media.

What Will Be In The Episode 2 Of “Counting On”?

Now the fans are expecting more from the upcoming episode. According to their speculation, the Duggar family will reveal more about their courtship rules. The family has teased that Duggars are waiting for another wedding. So, there is a big possibility of Jinger Duggar getting married before the end of ?Courting On? season 2. ?Throughout the season, viewers will watch Jinger and former professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo as they experience all the exciting firsts of a new, budding courtship. From the official ?blessing? and meeting the family to chaperoned dates and side hugs, Jinger and Jeremy get to know each other better to determine if another Duggar wedding is around the corner,? the Duggars wrote on their website.

Jessa is pregnant now. She and her husband Ben Seewald have confirmed that they are expecting their second child. In the coming episode, she may speak more about her second pregnancy and also plans for adoption. Jill Duggar and Derick are in Arkansas. The couple had served needy people in Central America. Jill and Derrick will speak exclusively about their Central America visit.

Duggars have not included Josh Duggar in the promo for ?Counting On? Season 2. So, it is clear that Josh is not going to be seen in any one the episodes. The whole season is likely to be filled with joy. The family is not willing to share anything about Josh’s sex scandals.

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